Mariah takes over the Home Shopping Network with her diva BS

Mariah Carey appeared on the Home Shopping Network to sell her over priced garbage which is far too cheap and tacky looking for even Topshop and H&M. Miming Mimi should have pitched her shit to the maternity departments of Dorothy Perkins. I'm sure they would have snatched that shit right up and put it right into further reductions.

Bitch was difficult. Acting up. And pretty much running the damn show. Her stint was tragic, but funny as hell. Mariah just does not give a shit. You mad? Yeah, well Mariah don't care. Go pick up that phone and buy dem Mariah Carey earrings and scoop neck blouse.

Mariah was telling the camera man how to frame. Telling the gallery how to edit. Dropping microphones. I hope sales of her shit are worth the effort for the Home Shopping Network. Because Mariah was a handful. A King Kong sized handful.

Mariah's slot on this show was amazing. Somebody needs to give this ho her own TV series. MTV? Ryan Seacrest? Holla at Mimi with some cheques please. With the way her last 2 albums went, she may need to go the reality show route to sell her next album. All the other broads are doing it.


  1. LMAO YES!!! She is totally craycray and i love it XD Hilarious when she's like don't get the cameron me DARRRRRRLINGGGGGSSSSSS.
    I could literally sit and watch her for ages, you know what we need a show staring Mariah & Khia i would DIE lol

    @J you need to review Khia's 4th of July vlog when she goes in on ERRRRRRBODY from A-Z lmao it's HILARIOUS.

  2. This is why her albums have been flopping and barely scraping a gold certification, bitch has a stank attitude. I guess this is why she has resorted to selling her cheap, thrift store looking products. She might as well just buy the home network, because she was acting like she owned the place.

  3. She can't even be called a diva, she's just rude and annoying. I won't buy her jewelry or her music.

  4. If I am not wrong then home shopping is some what online shopping. Thats what I too go for all the time as its fast, interesting and hassle free. We don't have to go such a long distance and can avail the products at our doorstep.

  5. Them pregnant hormones! lmao Through out this pregnancy Mariah has lost her mind pubicly a bit too often. That photoshoot and now this smh loll


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