Minzy opens her legs for 2NE1's comeback on Music core

2NE1 - I am the best @ Music core | Live performance

2NE1 are back on the scene to make all of the other girl groups look like trainee tramps. CL's swagger alone makes them all look redundant. But Minzy in the mix is just to hammer nails into coffins. And who knew that Bom was stepping up to plates now!?

I'm beginning to think that Bom keeps getting put in heels and mini skirts to hinder her dancing deliberately. Because high-up YG folk know this chick will start shaming hoes if she's not held back. She was turning shit out in the rehearsal when she was in her sweats and trainers. But in the hot pants and heels, she couldn't do a damn thing but flick hair. But, the swagger was still there. Bom has come a long way since the days of "Fire", when she was pretty much redundant.

As for Minzy, that girl is just wrong. She's too young to be opening her legs and arching her back on stage. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't hot. Heels and age can't stop this bitch. They just can't.


  1. Minzy O__O she's not even legal, and she's already opening the legs. Bom looked hot though, even if she was restrained by the mini skirt. Dara does nothing for me! She needs to go eat something, she was dancing like she was about ready to pass out, and he legs looked like freaking twigs. Cl and Minzy really started swagging towards the end. They are the 2 that make 2ne1.

  2. Ever since I heard them live without their vocal backings (they sing over their studio voices), I haven't had fun watching their performances. It was awful u_u


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