Music video: 2NE1 - Hate you

The music video was like a gangbang session between the Charlie's angels films, Powerpuff girls, Fist of the north star, Samurai Jack and Akira. I'd never sit through this and watch it again. But it was enjoyable on a first viewing. I had to curse at myself for trying to find logic in this video. How the hell did a convertible manage to bump a Hummer!? It's anime. Of course this shit won't always make sense and follow real life rules of physics. D'uh!!!

The song doesn't sucker punch you in the way many of 2NE1's singles tend to on a first listen; being one of the reasons why I like this song so much. It's easy on the digital vocal wizadry, there is no blatant use of auto tune and for all of the musical synth work, pulsating blips and beeps - the music is subdue. Very 90's. Very euphoric. Very much liking it.

Based on this and "I am the best" it seems Teddy Park is on that 90's dance swag with 2NE1. YG entertainment would be wise to try and get these songs some European exposure, as both songs could gain some traction across Europe due to their sound being very much in the vein of what pop radio and clubs are playing right now.


  1. This is actually my fave single from this album, love the trancy strung out beat and the vocals, DAMN and the vid is cool as fxck, reminds me of Sugababes "Angels with dirty faces" vid :D

  2. @ThatBoyLuke:
    "reminds me of Sugababes "Angels with dirty faces" vid :D"

    Like I said...Powerpuff girls ;)


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