Music video: Jasmine - Only you

No budget. This chick had NO music video budget. Which is why she had to holla at her girl Ayako from the apartment block down the street to hook her up with those fly poncho's and do her hair and film this shit on her SoftBank iPhone. Ayako fell off with the styling though. She had both Jasmine's rock the same wet leggings and the same shoes.

Jasmine needs to step up her music video game. And she needs to step it up FAST! Otherwise nobody will be caring about her, and she'll be getting real comfy at the bottom of the Oricon charts. She needs to be looking at Crystal Kay to see how bad shit could turn. She got no music video budgets neither, and look where she's at. Hustling yen from Beni just to get a BOSS coffee from a vending machine. Jasmine is signed to Sony music Japan too, so the writing is on the wall for this chick. I hope she's ready for some flops. A real shame, because she has the talent.

Single review: Jasmine + Stargate = One


  1. I like the song, but Sony need to throw her some yen to make her videos. She's really talented. She has one of the better voices in J-pop, and she writes all of her songs. It's a shame that she is destined to sit at the bottom of the Oricon charts. I think someone at Sony needs a swift backhand to the face. They keep screwing their artists over. Bitch had no type of promo.They need to take notes from Avex. Say what you want about slavex, but they know how to make a hoe hustle for those units.

  2. Well the numbers are out and this didn't sell a got damn thing. Not like I expected any different, but still, it's a shame. This is quite possibly her best single to date.

    I wish she would get a better label/management, cus she's not gonna shift any units with what she's got right now. The new CK sounds about right... tho at least CK had some gold and platinum in her discography before she started to flop. smh.


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