Music video: Namie Amuro - Naked

This video made me like this song REAL quick. Everything was on point. Her look. On point. The swagger - of that dead, lazy arse kind that only Namie can pull off. On point. The choreography. On point. Everything was on damn point. Once again Namie parked up her arse on a damn chair. But she danced good, she whipped hair, dragged down a bitches arm to take her out of a shot, and she even threw a brotha up in her video and let him get all up in her George Foreman.

This video was pretty much "Love game" to the 10th power. Namie's best video in a good while. Any other chick would have taken this song and shot the sluttiest video to it *side eyes Kumi Koda* But Namie just had her shit look like she rules the whole of Japan.

Sorry Beyoncé. But Namie snatched your flag. And no bitch, You can't have it back.


  1. I really liked the video too. It sold the song for me. It's funny because after the part of the song where she says make up your mind is when I decided that I liked the song. haha and she threw a brother up in there lmfao promoting diversity in Japan lmao

  2. Namie Amuro gave me everything with this video. I was not prepared for it to be THIS good. Beyoncé can take her over-budgeted "Run the world (Girls)" video and siddown. Namie's got enough chairs for a bitch if she wants to borrow one.

  3. Honestly, I love her "I don't really wanna be doing this, but if I have to I'll do it" swagger. I normally hate that kinda thing, but on Namie, it's kinda badass. Plus, the routine is something that Janet or Britney should be whipping out at this point, instead of the subpar stuff they're doing right now.

  4. Ditto.

    I love the routine. And even though Namie stays on that 'fed up swag' with it, her shit is pretty damn sharp. The sharpest I've seen from her since her MTV JVMA performance of "Alarm". In fact, I think this is the sharpest and best I've seen her move EVER!

    I do not have a bad thing to say about this video. I love it! Namie looks a BOWSSS. That slow mo walk into the white room killed faves up and down the nation.

    Namie threw that gauntlet the f**k DOWN up in Avex HQ with this video! Ayu and Kumi need to pull something special out of the bag to top this. They've both got 4 to 5 video chances to to snatch Namie's (natural) hair.

    ♪ Who run da world!? ♪ Namie Amuro.

  5. Namie is smoking hot (I've always thought this) but I'm not getting all the hype with this video. The way she moves (without looking like she's trying) is sexy but, really, that's it. Which isn't a bad thing, I guess.

  6. I can only imagine if this was Kumi's video... "Make up your cooch now!" and grab her nast ass thing... Only Namie can top all those girls.


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