Namie Amuro shows us a bit of "Naked"

Namie's music videos have been falling off like hell since Best fiction. But the preview to "Naked" has left me optimistic that we'll get at least one decent video from her upcoming triple A-side release. "Fight together" is probably going to be a montage of clips from the latest series of One piece, whilst "Tempest" has her standing in some boat as it sits drifts in the middle of some pretty arse lake.

Oh lawd. Is that Namie sitting down on a sofa I saw at the start? Everything after that was looking good. If the rest of this video beyond this preview is literally just Namie sitting her arse down, I will fly to Japan and slap her child. I will go across his face with my palm, and then bring that shit back to catch him with the backhand.


  1. Not even going to mention you backhanding her child, but did i see a brother in this video!
    Oh hell yeah

  2. You wrong for that slapping her child bit! I laughed but felt bad about it hahaha. I was on the fence about this song but I can roll with it now. Video looks decent.

    I like the N symbol. She should keep that.

  3. hahahaha I don't think that's a good idea. Namie looks like the type to go Beatrix Kiddo on your ass if you fuck with her child.

  4. To me she looks as bored as always. There is no life to this recent stuff she's been putting out.

  5. It looked like a compilation of Coke commercials.


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