The official tracklisting for Kelly Rowland's "Here I am"

Kelly Rowland - Here I am | Official album track listing

The official track list for Kelly's third studio album Here I am is now available online, as are half of the tracks on it.

Standard edition
  1. I'm dat chick
  2. Work it man featuring Lil' Playy
  3. Motivation featuring Lil' Wayne
  4. Lay it on me featuring Big Sean
  5. Feelin' me right now
  6. Turn it up
  7. All of the night featuring Rico Love
  8. Keep it between us
  9. Commander
  10. Down for whatever
Deluxe edition
  • Heaven & earth
  • Each other
  • Motivation (Rebel rock remix) featuring Lil' Wayne
  • Commander (Urban remix) featuring Nelly

Come June 25, we'll have only around 6 new songs to look forward to. This is like the Ms. Flop situation all over again. And don't bet on the final album versions sounding different neither. The versions of the songs on the retail copy of this album will probably sound exactly the same as the Kelly Rowland mp3's which are sat on your desktop.

Everything regarding this album has been been on some ghetto release plan since day one. If Kelly wants some good first week sales, then she'd better haul arse in an SUV with Serena Williams and hit hoods to flog copies of her shit out of the boot. BeyoncĂ© had a Glastonbury performance at the eleventh hour to help save her shit from tanking. Kelly had her BET performance, but BeyoncĂ© done shaded that with her game shutting performance of "End of time".

I'm just sat here shaking my head. All these delays, all this waiting. And we only get a 10 track album with 2 additional tracks and 2 garbage remixes on a deluxe edition? "Commander" as the ninth track!? No "Forever and a day"!? Not even "When loves takes over" as a bonus track!!? Where the hell is "The sound (On and on)"!? Mess.


  1. Apparently the international version will be different.


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