The origin of the moves in Beyoncé's "Run the world (Girls)" video

My favourite part of the "Run the world (Girls)" music video has to be the choreography at the very start. Not only does it feature Beyoncé whipping that weave for absolutely no reason and obstructing the force of justice and her ability to breath. But it features the Amazonian robot empress dropping some nifty footwork. Nifty footwork which comes courtesy of the Mozambican kwaito dance troupe Tofo Tofo. Two of whom are the guys performing the routine with Beyoncé in the video.

You can see them doing what they do best here - with key moves from their routine pretty much replicated in "Run the world (Girls)".

I wish Beyoncé had done what she did with the Mexican breakfast influenced routine in "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" and made the routine to "Run the world (Girls)" Tofo Tofo heavy. As it's this part of the video where the choreography shines the most.

If anybody can identify the name of the song in the video, please holla at me, because I f**king love it. If Beyoncé was going to sample a song, she should have sampled this shit right here.

The kwaito dancers in Beyonce's Run the world (Girls) @ Times live


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