Perfume sparkle like "Glitter" in their new TV commercial

After frying wigs with their laser beams, Perfume may just drop by again to sprinkle a bit of "Glitter". That nice glitter. Not that alcoholic stanky, crack laced glitter that Ke$ha spreads around like an STD.

There is no confirmation that "Glitter" is set to be a single. But the song featuring in a commercial, showing what could easily be spun into a full length Perfume-esque music video has fans very excited. Me included. Because the song sounds as hot as, well...a laser beam!

These girls have up the stakes. Their heel game has levelled up. Their sex appeal has levelled up. Nocchi keeps that sex game on lock. And the girls have yet to put a foot wrong with the single choices.

"Glitter" getting itself a single release would be great news. But what would be even better would be word of a new album this year. It's been 2 years since . I think 2012 should be the year Perfume drop that new-new long player.


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