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It's Summer. So of course our favourite J-Pop skank will be bringing it on with a quadruple A-side. 4 times will feature four songs and release in 4 editions. Wow. Kumi really has her targets locked on Ayu's crown.

  1. V.I.P
  2. Ko-so-ko-so
  3. In the air
  4. Poppin' love cocktail featuring Teeda / Teeda

To celebrate Kumi's 50th single anniversary, 4 times will not only release in the standard CD and CD + DVD formats, but the will also release with an additional 2 editions. One which comes with 50 postcards (featuring the skank herself of course) and another which comes with a digital camera. Ho ain't messing around. Digital camera!? At this time, there's no confirmation as to whether the digital camera will come with an SD card containing pre-loaded pictures of Kumi's vagina and an explicit directors cut of "Juicy".

You just know that forth track is going to be filth. It damn well better be. And it had better have a video which is so nasty that Space shower TV will refuse to air it. I can't keep standing by and letting Kumi release these sexed up single covers if she's not going to act a complete tramp in her music videos. I miss that slutty ho dearly. It's what made me fall in love with her.

I'm loving the look on these single covers - the blue CD edition in particular. But we probably won't see this look again. Most artists are consistent with the looks they feature on their single and album arts. You'd think Kumi would wear the outfits on this single art in at least one of the music videos to the songs on the release. But nope. Kumi keeps it moving. If there's one thing you can rely on with Kumi, it's that she will never rock a wig for more than 3 days. 5 days the absolute MAX! And that's only because she's waiting on some remote village to have all of its women shaved bald to harvest enough hair to make some new ones.

4 times hits stores on August 10.


  1. Well I've heard that Ko-so-ko-so is the dirty track, with the PV raising warning flags with Japan's TV exec. Here's a 30 preview of the song and stills of the PV;

    Btw, I love the covers!

  2. OMFG @Lithidarkstorm i was thinkin she was just gonna teese with a slutty cover and then drop some bubblegum shit vid but that clip looks like SLUTTY KUMI IS BACKKKKKKKKK!!!!! XD
    The song sounds sexy as f*ck too.

  3. ooooohhh weeee!!! that red cover is whoa! i like it!

  4. All these women shaving cunts, in order 2 make a new one?
    I am missing something ;-)
    I am really lOOking 4wards 4 dear Kumi's cunt.


    hiphop from South Africa, ruling half of Africa

  6. Hmmm... Everyone seems to have a thing for the red hair pieced Kumi. Am I the only one who thinks blue hair pieced Kumi is the hotter of the two!?

  7. I think blue hair Kumi is sexy as hell. Red hair Kumi is doing what Kumi normally does: pucker up for something to go in her mouth. Blue hair Kumi is sexy, but classy.


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