Single art: Rihanna - Cheers

Rihanna - Cheers | Single art

The Forehead is releasing a song about drinking and has herself all up in a car for the single artwork. This chick is not even trying to promote safety. She's promoting jail. Shooting n***a's in train stations, drink driving and wearing them wigs which frankly is the worst crime of the three.

Props to her for milking these Loud singles. When a chick has limited talents of the likes of her's and Katy Perry's, you need to keep them singles rolling out whilst your iron is hot. I'd rather like for "Fading" to become a single, because it's my favourite song off of Loud (I'm officially sick to death of "S&M"). And I'm surprised "Complicated" has yet to become a single, as there was a lot of love for that song when the album first dropped. I'm sure "Complicated" will be released as a single within the next 3 weeks. We know how Def Jam like to keep the periods of time between Rihanna's releases as minimal as possible.

Album review: Rihanna matches the decibels to the size of her forehead with Loud


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