Music video: Super Junior - Mr. Simple

I love it. I just love it. These boys know what I want and they just gave it to me.

"Mr. Simple" is pretty much a souped up "Sorry, sorry" - both song and video. But I'll let this slide, because

  1. I was all over "Sorry, sorry"
  2. Quite frankly, "Mr. Simple" is an absolute jam

Super Junior could drop this across Europe and have a hit on radio and in the clubs so damn easy. I've love for it happen. Perhaps then those JLS n***a's can sit the f**k down.

The boys don't get as much individual shine in this video as they usually do though. Mainly because they either all look the same, or so different from how they do normally that you can just about tell who's who. Another version of this video had better drop which is Kyuhyun heavy. Because I do not like how they they had him swag at the start, hid him throughout the whole video and then had him finally get some screen time at the end when he was shutting down the bridge section. Yes. I may have a thing for Kyuhyun - because I naughty-naughty. It's always those quiet ones you need to watch out for. Shindong may as well have served his 2 year stint in the army with Kangin. Because I did not notice him at all. If you're as big as him and you still can't get noticed in a music video, then that's a cue to voluntarily enlist into the Korean army. Bye Shindong.


  1. poor shindong, at least he still has more swag than heechul, i swear to god that guy is so lucky hes in suju


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