Album art: Leona Lewis - Glassheart

Leona Lewis - Glassheart | Album art

This looks like the type of album cover an artist drops when they've got no budget and they have a CD chock-a-block full of generic dance songs. It's that type of cover.

Leona's eyes are the kind you could get lost in. But that hair, the Primark dress and the stars under her eyes, the lipstick, the way her face looks: this shit will haunt me in my daydreams. I just can't.

Glassheart will flop like hell and have Simon Cowell wonder whether it's worth keeping Leona on the payroll because she can really sing, or handing a bitch her P45 because he knows in the long run Leona just doesn't have that star quality to sustain herself as an artist. Because vocals can only carry you so far, and Leona is close to the end of the road right now. Po' thang.

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  1. She looks like she just took a shot of coke after making a low budget porn video.

    She's got some sexy eyes, though.

  2. Her eyes definitely stand out in this photo, but she looks odd. I looks as though she got work done on her nose.

  3. Or you know her nose just looks that way because of lighting, angles and make-up. *rolls eyes* People are quick to jump to the "plastic surgery" bandwagon.

    Anyway, the cover is ridiculous. Its fact that extremely talented vocalists tend to receive bad songs, god knows why.

  4. I'm not jumping to conclusions. Something looks off about her face, and Leona has always had a very prominent nose; her nose looks narrower in this photo. Leona receives such bad songs because she is lifeless, and has not yet grasped what kind of artist she is. She is the one who is "jumping the bandwagon" with what is doing well on the charts at the moment.


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