Music video: Anna Tsuchiya - Master blaster

The only chick in J-music land who could potentially out-do Kumi Kehovah's skanknicity is Anna Tsuchiya. Plus, she does the rock thing so much more convincingly than Kumi does. But enough of that pop tramp. Let's focus on Anna's shit for a second.

"Master blaster" gave me everything. Orchestrated strings, an epic soar of a chorus, guitars. Pure winning! It's a shame this features as the theme to a Korean MMO. It should be a theme for a worldwide release like Dragon quest or Final Fantasy.

The video was a bar brawl and not much else, but it oddly fitted the song. And you can never really go wrong with a bar brawl in a music video. Unless of course you're Jessica Simpson.


  1. I love Anna, she's so bad ass. She looked good in the video, sometimes she looks a god damn mess, and reminds me of that happy Walmart faced bitch bjork. Anna's english is good. She should try to become fluent in it.


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