Perfume prepare for Japan domination. Eyeball the world.

Perfume are holding some contest about some dance or some shit. Contestants have to finish off the routine from the point in the video where it stops. And the best entrants will get to perform it live on stage with Perfume! This video is special because it features an extended preview of the  pop perfection that is "Glitter". These bitches will resurrect this word after hoes like Mariah and Ke$ha dragged it through mo' dirt then the wheel arches of Colin McRae's car.

Perfume's new single "Glitter" will be double A-sided with an yet to be titled second song. The girls will also be releasing their long awaited third studio album JPN on November 30. Perfume have not put a foot wrong with the singles since wrapping up . So JPN is already shaping up to be killer.

Perfume's popularity seems to just soar and soar with each single release. So a debut at number 1on the Oricon chart and strong first week sales are pretty much in the bag. Unless of course Ayumi Hamasaki drops another album by then. Or her arch nemesis Kumi Kehovah, something which is much more likely. And even then, Perfume probably could still outsell a bitch.


  1. I LOVE perfume! when i was in college a few years ago i was obsessed with their "GAME" album :D Great to see them still making amazing music and continuing to up their dance and shoe game :)

    P.S If Kumi drops an album before January i will de wig her myself lol

  2. YASSSSSSSSSS! New album AND single. I haven't listened to any of the past singles for a while, as I figured most of those tracks will be on the album and I'm not paying import fees for three new songs. I don't know if I like JPN though. I mean I get it, and its kind of in the vein of the past titles, but damn.

    I can't survive on Triangle for two more months!

  3. Perfume is the best kawaii trio pop >w< I need to kiss them!


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