Music video: Britney Spears - Criminal

Visually, Britney's video's for her Femme fatale era's thus far have been solid. Each has looked like its had a decent budget, a solid director behind it and a shit load of polish - which is more than what can be said for the likes of Gaga and Beyoncé's videos for their latest albums.

Everybody is shouting this video out as being amazing and one of Britney's best from Femme fatale. I still have a thing for "Hold it against me", because I was in absolutely love with the cinematography in that video. But "Criminal" ranks as the video in which Britney looks most alive. She doesn't look dead in the eyes, she looks like she had fun and she looked nice and well done up in the video. I don't understand who would wear a black Swarovski watch with a cocktail dress and who would also attend a swank party and not get their nails did. But this is Britney. She scrubbed up better than I thought was possible, because we know how Britney loves looking like she just rolled out of an Alien queen's egg on a Sunday morning.

"Criminal" was a cool video and whilst it wasn't amazing, it was nice to see Britney look engaged and with it. Chris Marrs Piliero clearly has that magic touch for bringing the fun out of Britney and getting her to do things we didn't think she or her people would allow. And it's quite cute that she seems to really trust him. Expect Chris Marrs Piliero to be the new go to guy for chicks in the music game.

Album review: Britney wishes she was the Femme fatale


  1. My favorite party of the video is when Britney gets smacked.

  2. @Melvin - you are so silly! :D

    the acting on this was so unbelieveable (and not the good kind), it kinda made me laugh. but yes i totally agree - i was surprised to see life in her eyes, it made me smile and remember the good ol' days when she really brought it in the videos. i have a sneaking suspicion that she did all that hand and arm improv/choreo to throw some shade at the haters who said she can't move anymore. it was nothing really special, but enough to bring a bit more life to that hallway scene.

    p.s. i was so scared in that last scene because i thought brit and jason were going DOWN. like seriously concerned. i was expecting to see one bullet pierce the both of them or something.

  3. lol That video is really good, and i love that they went with a different sounding single instead of more dance pop. I think the album Britney WANTED to make full of ballads and stuff would have been amazing judging on the "Everyday" leak.

    She looks really alive and Jason did a good job too, lol it was like watching Dynasty or something though :D


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