Music video: Perfume - Glitter

Music video: Perfume - Glitter | Random J Pop

Excuse me whilst I pick myself up off the floor. Because this song right here sent me face down and into wild convulsions. Judging from the clip, I already had it pegged that the chorus was the best part of this song, but these girls showed me with this shit. The intro is bangin'! And when the second half of the chorus dropped I was right back down on the floor shaking violently like a dead body glitched in an air vent in Deus ex. This right here might just be my contender for best Pop joint of 2011. Yasutaka Nakata is the Japanese Jebus. His production is like a damn religion.

On a first viewing I was a bit disappointed in the video. But on a second, third, fifth and fifteenth viewing, I began to dig the simplicity of the concept and the routine. Props to Perfume's visual team for keeping this video close to the concept of the soft drink commercial this song featured in, as that concept was worked nicely. And far too often we see artists in Japan whoring a song of theirs in a really cool commercial which could easily be spun into a great music video, just for them to release a music video which looks like absolute garbage. Yes Namiserable. I'm looking at you and the awful videos you shot for "Do me more", "Wild", "Break it" and "Wonder woman", despite shooting amazing commercials for each of them.

Now, let's all have a moment for Nocchi's legs.


Melvin R said…
The production and beat are hot, but I can't get over perfume's vocals.
Beruda said…
While this song is kinda cute, they're singing makes me want to put an ice pick through my brain.
Anonymous said…
So it's not just me...Nocchi's legs are amazing