Meisa Kuroki 'performs' "A woman's worth" 'live' *LOL!*

Meisa Kuroki - A woman's worth | Live performance

Meisa Kuroki will not sit down. She's got too much money coming in to sit down. She performed one of her A-side singles "A woman's worth". The song was used for a Seiko watch commercial, but a bitch wasn't wearing one. And 'LIVE' was flashing in the corner of the screen, but a bitch was miming. Meisa is living proof of the Japanese dream. All you need to be fine as hell, become the face of Uniqlo for a season, get a mini album out and the yen will roll in.

I actually think Meisa may have been singing parts of this live. It's difficult to tell because her studio vocals are so horrendous even with every single piece of pro-tool and auto tune software working over time on it. But certain sections sounded horrendous +99999 damage overkill. I usually defend Meisa's lack of talent with how fine she is. But I can't use that card here, because the performance was SO bad. I can take the rubbish dancing when it's inter-cut with shots of her looking fine in different outfits. But four minutes of the same tired routine just blew the fine card into the wind. She's Japan's darling and she gets those product tie in cheques quicker than Ayumi Hamasaki, so she won't ever get told bye.


  1. Now this is what I've been waiting for, lol. What a horror show. She looks like she was auditioning for a highschool show. If your going to lipsynch at least do it properly. And that so called dancing, her arms were flapping like she was swating flies or something. And some ppl wonder why she doesn't chart better. HELLO, SHE CAN'T SING and has zero stage presence. Just be grateful anyone buys her junk, lol.

  2. The english in this song is SO terrible...

  3. Lmao beruda is going in on a ho. She needs to stick to modeling because all she can do is stand there and look pretty. Oh and this song is god awful. I'm surprised she manages to chart at all with this shit.

  4. This shit is probably a hit in Japan....

  5. A little late. A bunch-a late really. But I will defend Meisa to the death of her career.

    This song is boss. Her entire Album this year was Boss. The best thing out of Japan thus far. Fresh. Revitalizing. Pure. Pristine and PURE.

    The production on her tracks are IMMACULATE! I wish you could hear me pronounce that word 'CUZ I PRONOUNCE IT!

    She can't sing? So What? What does singing have to do with it? This is Meisa Kuroki.

    The end product is all that matters in this scenario and the end product is ALWAYS.....ALWAYS blasting faces and handing out tissues. K?

  6. I still stand by this and I thumbed all you haters down by the way.


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