Music video: Kumi Koda - Love me back

Skankumi gave me nothing with this video. Cheap special effects, a weak dance routine, some mish mash thrift store outfit and a ragged weave which looks like it was pulled from under one of the rail tracks of the Chou line. Kumi's video seem to get worse and more uninspiring with each release. Nothing she's released over the past 3 years has come close to touching the spectacle of her earlier videos. Kumi did this whole grinding on dudes behind bars shit better with "D.D.D". If you've not checked out that song or video, please do. It's hot and shits all over this "Love me back" garbage.

This must be a common factor of being signed to Avex, because we've seen the same thing happen to Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA and Namie Amuro. Namie Amuro at least gives us some breathing space between videos and she brought it back in a big way with "Naked". But Ayu has fallen so far off with the music videos, that i don't think she can get back on it. This woman used to BRING IT with the PV's. Even though I couldn't stand any of the songs she put out, I always watched those videos and marveled at the Yen it must have cost her to shoot that shit.


  1. I haven't been feeling her last couple of PVs. Juicy will almost be her scankiest pv for me, but Idgaf, I love that video. I consider it a guilty pleasure of mine. She seems to have been taming the ho as of late. Is it a coming of age thing or something?? Her scank image is what rocketed her to fame, so she better get back to that. She needs to look at BoA to see just how badly she can start flopping.

  2. Even though the vid looks a bit cheap (not on the CK scale though lol) I actually like it! She finally brought some oldschool slutty kumi back and made it believable :D
    I have hated most of her video's from "Universe" era onwards but this gets a tick from me, she's bringin the sluttyness but Avex need to start bringin the yen for ALL their artists again.

  3. I think Melvin R. meant *always, as opposed to almost. I thought it was good for what it was.

  4. @Ali I did mean to write always. Finals week is getting to me. :p Haha

  5. You're crazy. this PV is the HOTNESS I've been missing from kuu! loved the dance routine and all the sluttiness.


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