Music video: Miura Daichi - Black hole

I have a soft spot for Daichi. It's what stops me from cussing out his face and calling him rubbish. But this "Black hole" is a  volcanic mess. The video looks like it was shot on a budget that wouldn't even buy a KFC dinner for a family of six. And I am absolutely sick to death of everybody throwing dubstep in a song. Every dubstep drop I've heard in mainstream pop record over the past 6 months has sounded exactly the same. And I will strangle anybody who tells me Shitney's "Hold it against me" is the reason for it...even if it kinda is...just a little bit. Every body jumping on dupstep and jumping on it badly is damaging the genre. A bit like R&B really.

You wouldn't know it from this music video, but Daichi is one hell of a dancer. I've never got why he always seems to hold back and deliver such slow and meandered choreography in his music videos when he's capable of this.


  1. I've just recently got into his music. He is such a dynamic performer unlike 95% of Japanese male singers. I'm really liking this album. I kinda like this video though, lol.

  2. i can't stand looking at this dude... he looks like a fucking toad. i wanna step on his ugly face!

    dancing? i can dance better than this choreographed bullshit! LoL

  3. ヒギンズ ブリアナ13 September 2013 at 09:01

    wow stop watching him if you don't like him. LOL you know what, gtfo! just go back under your rock!


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