Album art: Madonna - M.D.N.A

Madonna - M.D.N.A | Album art

I like this. I like it a lot. And here's why. It makes a statement. Madonna's name in full is nowhere on it. And her face is not in clear view. But you know who the f**k it is. It's a very destined-to-be-iconic cover which harkens back to the 80's and 90's, when Madonna's album covers focused on shots of her face and image trickery to give it that iconic, timeless feel. Well done Madgina! This is your best album cover in years. It's like her "Vogue" era in technicolour in the post millennial age.

I'm sure in some forum somewhere, Kylie fans are cussing Madgina out for doing a Kylie-esque cover which is a bit X like. Kylie's been bit part ripping off Madgina for years. And if we wanna call the pot calling the kettle a borrowing ass bitch. Madgina may have gone a bit Kylie with this album cover. But Kylie went and did a whole throw back album under the guide of Stuart Price. And we know which sack of bones did a mainstream album with that n***a first. I like Kylie. So I wont ask that she goes and kills herself.

Now let's all sit down and prepare for Madgina to shut the solar system down with her horrendous single propelled by what will be an air tight promotional run of interviews, performances and commercial tie-in's.


  1. Now that's an album cover.

  2. No1 - I LOVE this album cover, i think it's my favourite cover from her it's like @J said kind of 80s Madonna brought into the current time and Beyond. I love the colours, they are really bold and i can totally imagine this on some huge billboard in Tokyo or something.

    No2 - I think the (finnished) song will be better than expected, the unfinnished version is cheesy but pretty catchy.

    No3 - @J i cannot believe you just tried to do a snatch n grab on belloved Kylie! I love Kylie and the only similarities between this and "X" are the red lipstick and eye make-up which are hardly copywrited...
    I don't think Kylie Jacks Madonna at all, in fact they both borrow from each other occasionally (E.G Kylie did the whole bad Marilyn thing for her "All i see is you" vid and now Madonna is (probably) doing somekind of cheer leader performance which Kylie did back in 08 on her "Kylie X 2008" tour, I actually think a Kylie/Madonna collaboration is way overdue.

    No4 - @J you MUST review M.I.A's new single "Bad Girls" she just blew that last mess album out of the water, she's BACK and snatching every wig with that track, serious.

  3. I've NEVER been a huge fan of Madge's music, vocals or personality, but the bitch sure knows how to maintain being a timeless novelty. Gotta give an aging queen her credit when it's due.

    This is without a doubt my favorite album cover from Madge. It's very reminiscent of her "True Blue" album cover. Very iconic and classic.

    And yes, this artwork shits all over other current offerings I've seen from other artists. Point. Blank. Period.

  4. The album cover is nice. But the bitch is old, her new music sounding as cheesy as the idea of a 90 year old pop star.

    The song is ok. But the fact that she spells love "luv" kills me. What the hell is this woman thinking, trying to be "cool and hip". She needs to retire, she's had her fame, her life in the fast lane. Please. Make her stop.

  5. Haha, Kylie? ..Kylie's insignificant! and always has been as far as I'm concerned. That's all that really needs to be said about this debate, which is never-ending! it's beyond me how people spend hours giving credibility to this debate; waste of paper and time and effort. Kylie fans think that somehow it will rank up Kylie's importance if her name is mentioned next to a legendary pop performer like Madonna, and it says more about Kylie and her lack of presence than it does about Madonna's lack of ideas or originality. Who is Kylie, anyway? she's made her name riding on the coat tails of everyone else for a very large part of her career.


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