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Angela Aki - Songbook | Album art

If there's one woman in the game right now whose pregnancy hustle deserves to be a trending topic on Twitter it's Angela Aki. This ho is not letting her pregnancy stop her for SHIT! Fresh off of a promotional stint with UNIQLO for their winter sweaters campaign, a fifth studio album and a performance at the Tokyo dome heavily pregnant day after Christmas, Angela Aki will be dropping ANOTHER album at the end of this month. Angela Aki's Songbook will be a cover album, sung entirely in English. [EDIT - The album will be in Japanese]. The album will come with an actual songbook of sheet music for all of the songs. And before  haters start talking out the side of their mouth that this is some cheap cash in that Angela will not promote, bitch is already performing this shit and doing the promotional rounds for this album. Angela needs to call her next album Hustle. BeyoncĂ© don't know a damn thing about it.

  1. Honesty | originally performed by Billy Joel
  2. Will You dance? | originally performed by Janis Ian
  3. We're all alone | originally performed by Boz Scaggs
  4. Material girl | originally performed by Madonna
  5. True colors | originally performed by Cyndi Lauper
  6. Without you | originally performed by Badfinger
  7. Today | originally performed by Smashing Pumpkins
  8. Kiss from a rose | originally performed by Seal
  9. A song for you | originally performed by Leon Russell
  10. Creep | originally performed by Radiohead)
  11. Still fighting it | originally performed by Ben Folds
  12. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday | originally performed by Boyz II Men

I'm really looking forward to hearing Angela's renditions of "True colors", "Kiss from a rose" and "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday". I could imagine Angela singing and playing the SHAT out of these. Not to sure how I feel about "Material girl" though. Iconiq burnt the flag for Japanese artists covering Madonna songs after her piss poor cover of "Like a vurzin".


  1. Her cover of Kiss From a Rose was a b-side from a single a while back; as its one of my favourite songs, she does sound very nice on it. I'm not a fan of her 'Creep' rendition though.

  2. listening to the previews for this album,It seems as though she re-recorded the vocals for the songs that she has done before, which has caught my interest because her voice has gotten stronger and has developed a clarity to it over the years. I'm not sure if the songs are going to be sung in English. From what I'm hearing they're all in Japanese. Unless she's releasing two different versions, I don't think the songs will be in English.

    @lilithdarkstorm I actually enjoyed her rendition of creep, she has a much stronger voice and a greater range than Tom Yorke.


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