Crystal Kay drops news of a new single and a new tour. Bitch, get that money!

Crystal Kay uploaded a Vlog. Click play and prepare to be amazed at how Delicious deli be caring about this ho. I'm flabbergasted. New single, new tour and an official fan club - they ain't playin'! They genuinely want Crystal to get that paper. Actual paper you can buy shit with. Not A4 paper that Sony was giving a chick.

It's great to hear that things are moving so quickly for CK after being sat stale over at Sony for so long. Ever since Crystal left Sony, many videos of her performances have been uploaded to YouTube and have been sticking around. So hopefully we'll have some actual footage of this acoustic tour in March to watch and stan for. Because we all know that Crystal's acoustic performance game is air tight. 'Member how she sang the absolute shit out of Michael Jackson's "Human nature"? Exactly. I want a DVD and a Blu-ray release of this tour.

I want a new Crystal Kay album so bad, you have no idea. This new single best be on point and the video best be on some decent budget shit too.


  1. I'm hoping we'll see one of her shows on Ustream. Hell, I'll get up at 5am to see her. Hopefully UMJ will put out concert dvds of her tours unlike lame ass Sony.

    I don't know if that tune in the background means anything but it does sound nice. I desparately want an album too!

  2. This is so awsome! i'm not gonna even go into how much better UMJ is for her, they just ARE. "Superman" is one of my fave songs from her EVER so i'm pretty sure she's gonna SLAY with the new single, Let's PRAY the video gets a bigger budget though, or at least a better director because if they'd cut a couple of cheap looks and concentrated on the better ones the vid would have looked better.
    Also i read today that she's gonna be part of a charity single with 30 other artists covering the Beatles "All we need is love" and that her single "Kiss" from "Call me miss" just got certified Gold.

  3. I love how humble and shy Crystal seems in this vlog. I don't think she realizes just how talented and beautiful she really is.

    For some reason I have a feeling her next single is going to be a ballad. You know how Japan loves those boring ass ballads that her home girl Beni seems to release by the dozens.

    I think we're all fiendin' for an album at this point. Spin the Music did nothing for me.

    1. "I love how humble and shy Crystal seems in this vlog. I don't think she realizes just how talented and beautiful she really is"


  4. As Seen On:
    Random J pop

    You are featured on her video page, congrats ;)

  5. One of her acoustic shows is already sold out. Yea! I hope they all sell out.


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