A ghetto clawed, doll faced Kumi Koda on the cover of ViVi magazine

Kumi Koda on the cover of ViVi magazine | Kumi Koda

Here's Kumi Kohovah, airbrushed to the max, with her nails looking like ghetto talons and doing that thing with her mouth which makes me want to throw a room shoe at it.

The J-skanks' 10th studio album Japonesque has leaked online and the general response seems to be that it's really good and also 'FLAWLESS'. Then again, everybody said Kingdom was 'flawless' and I found it to be as flawed hell and one of Kumi's worst albums. I'm often in the minority when it comes to the verdicts on this ho's albums. So we'll see. Expect my review to drop within the next few weeks.


  1. "Kingdom" WAS flawless, it's my fave album of hers. I think a big part of it was that it was cohesive in style unlike most albums from her after it which are littered with Urban/Pop/Rock/Kawai etc and LOL this cover is awful... Ayu needs to snatch Vivi back (and her man).

  2. I'm also in the minority when it comes to rating her albums as well. And to be honest, I did not enjoy "Japonesque" at all. It was just down right terrible. I haven't fancied a Kuu album since 2006. Homegirl just ain't doing it for me anymore.

  3. who is this kumi hater what a sad cunt bitch


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