Krystal looking a pale mess. Where's da new f(x) ish at!?

f(x)'s Krystal looking a white girl'd mess | Selca
f(x)'s Krystal released a snap of herself rocking a platinum blonde wig and contact lenses. She looks dead. She looks a friend out mess. She looks like a white girl. Netizens were torn between adoration for how "stunning" she looks and also scared because she looks such a hot mess and expressed desire for her to kill this look dead. I'm down with the latter.

F**k this shit. I just want to know when f(x) are going to drop that new-new and throw Girls' generation under a North Korean hummer truck. Those bitches have not done right by me since returning from their stint in Japan. So I'mma need f(x) to bring it instead.

Krystal makes a stunning blonde @ Omona they didn't


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