M.D.N.A chats with Graham Norton

M.D.N.A on the Graham Norton show | Madonna

Madgina has a new film out (fear not, she only directed it, she doesn't star in it) has already confirmed she'll kick off another world tour this year and has a new album due in March. Bones is already steering the promotional wagon to flog her merch and appeared on Graham Norton to pimp it. Although she seemed more passionate about the film than the music. Hardly surprising. Passion isn't something Madonna's music has shown in years.

The corpse even looked good. Those Chanel gloves were fugly, but when you've got hands like her's, gloves are a girls' best friend. F**k the diamonds.

I don't even know why Emile Sande was there.

Her Vadgesty's album M.D.N.A will be released in March, preceded by the piss poor single "Gimme all your luvin'" dropping on February 7th. I'm only looking forward to this album because William Orbit is involved. Bitch NEVER should have stopped working with him. It's a good look that she's seen sense. And marks one of the few occasions in the post millennial phase of her career where Madonna has gone back to working with a producer she's worked with before. The album cover has been shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, with the creative involvement of Italian creative director Giovanni Bianco. I can't wait to see the extreme lengths the CGI team go to for this album artwork to make Madonna look half her age. We should take bets on whether she'll have her legs open on the cover too.


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