Music video: Beni - Eien (Short version)

I personally would have preferred Beni to have shot a fly ass video for "Yes or no?" and popped her pussy in a short black dress and expensive heels. But, whatever.

Beni fans will know from the offset that "Eien" does not feature on her latest album Fortune. It acts as a theme song for the J-drama Honjitsu wa taian nari. Needless to say the timing is a bit off, with Beni's album already out and the Japanese music-scape not being one for repackages and re-releases like in Korea and the West.

Artists are usually tapped early on for J-drama songs, resulting in a nice bit of build up promo for the inevitable album which will also feature the song. But sometimes these slip through the net and boats are missed, as was the case with Beni here. A real shame, as she could have flogged an extra few copies of Fortune as a result. HachikĊ knows she could do with a sales push.

"Eien" doesn't do much for me. And the video looks like "Heaven's door" spun into a budget version of Ayu's "Virgin road", without the bad arsery and a sexy Austrian. But kudos for Beni staying on that grind.


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