Music video: Jessie J - Domino

"Domino" is the only single Jessie J has released so far that I actually like, which is probably because it stinks of the 80's (I love me some 80's) and it sounds so much like Katy Perry's "Last Friday night (T.G.I.F)" (which I loved). As amazing as Dr. Luke is as a producer, he sure isn't subtle when it comes to recycling. Then again, which producer is these days!? The guy copy and pasted everything from the guitars, and the key changes, right down to the filtered bridge section. Gotta love the originality.

I liked the video. Really simple. Well edited and fun to watch. But there is just something about this woman which annoys the hell out of me. If I'm the presence of anything she does for too long, I'm overcome with the desire to throw myself off of a building.


  1. I'll tell you why she annoys me. She looks like a tranny with a bad wig, who over sings at their drag shows.


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