Music video: Kumi Koda - Boom boom boys

Kumi Kehovah's lust for the white man continues in the video for "Boom boom boys", which see's her drug Dr. Who via a USB stick and rape him after a failed attempt to woo him via the standard rules of persuasion.

I liked this video and didn't hate the song. But I would have been all over this had Anna Tsuchiya done it, because the whole vibe of both the song and video is something she would have owned completely. Something about Kumi doing it just feels a little too forced and over-glossed.


  1. That's probably the usb with pre loaded pictures of her vagina.

    Ku is so whatever to me. The song was just meh, and I agree with the comment about Anna tsuchiya. Ku should just stick to being a scank, and save the rocker, bad ass chick for someone who can pull it off.


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