Music video: Kumi Koda - Lay down

Kumi Kehovah just slapped Nicki Minaj and Ayumi Hamasaki in both of their faces with her glow in the dark weave ponytail. She ripped off both of their "Super bass" and "Lady dynamite" videos respectively snatched a bit of Kylie's X artwork, looked a tramped out mess, grabbed her titties, crowd surfed, dropped a line about poppin' bottles ("Juicy" any one?) and just like she won me over. Kumi won this shit the second the rocked that ultra violet glow in the dark weave ponytail. If she had whipped that shit like a helicopter, this would have been a contender for my music video of the year.


  1. You know you're asking too much with that weave thrashing! lol You do remember BE MY BABY, don't you?

  2. Certain aspects of this PV reminded me of Nami Tamaki's "Lady MIND" PV that was released over a month ago. Not impressed.

  3. *HUGE SIGH* The song is a standout for me and the line "Take you rape you gonna make you mine (and your gonna love it) is just HOEda SLUTumi at her best (whether it's really the lyric of just her Engrish lmao) but as per usual lately the video is a low budget piece of trash, there are some good things (PONYTAIL!) but Avex are SLACKING hard... I get there's a recession but here's an idea, instead of making SEVENTEEN shitty low budget videos just make 4 good ones! geez... i know the Japanese love all the extras like tons of vids but i'd rather have a few good ones i enjoy watching than MANY lame blah ones.


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