Music video: Nicki Minaj - Stupid hoe

I must be in the minority of people who don't hate the song "Stupid hoe". The song is absolute rubbish. Yes. But the song is funny, features some killer lines and I like the beat. I have a weakness for these horrid hood, fanga snappin' beats. Ya'll should know me by now.

As a buzz song, a bonus track or a mixtape track "Stupid hoe" could get a pass. But as a single for an upcoming album which is due in a few weeks time? Nicki, bye. This shit won't fly. The charts and mainstream buying public do not want this type of Nicki Minaj, Roman Rolanski or whatever the f**k she calls this alter ego who is on this track. They want the pop savvy "Super bass", "Turn me on" and "Where them girls at" Nicki. This song will tank harder than that virus ridden rig Jill Valentine found herself on in Resident evil: Revelations.

And if the song wasn't enough to kill all chances of a hit, then the video will body slam it right to the bottom of the charts and consciousness of all those who managed to make it through a viewing without wanting a refund on their soul or having an epileptic fit as a result of what is now Hype Williams signature editing style. This is one of Nicki Minaj's worst videos. And I have no idea what the f**k has happened to Hype Williams. This guy used to be responsible for some of the best videos in Rap, Hip-hop and R&B. He pretty much defined these genres visually with his cinematography. But now, his videos look a mess. I thought he scrapped the bottom of the barrel with Beyoncé's "Video phone", but he managed to scratch a hole in it with this.

I like 1:36, because a weave gets thrashed for no reason. But other than that, no. With the dislike ratio of the music video hitting over 60% on YouTube, I smell an album push back.


  1. But that's just it. "Stupid Hoe" is a buzz single. It's 100% meant to be controversial. And that's why all the negative comments are so brilliant -- it's what made the video go viral. 5 million views in 24 hours, everyone's talking about it, meanwhile she quietly pushes the album back to prepare a more mainstream single, and then laughs all the way to the Superbowl, and the bank. Brilliant.

  2. She will bury this bullshit faster than "Massive Attack".

  3. LMAO at @Anonymous, "Stupid hoe" was meant to be a serious single but then just like "Massive attack" it was downgraded to "buzz" single when it started flopping and getting negative feedback.
    How is an artist putting the SHITTEST song/video of the year out gonna make people wanna buy her album?! lmaoooo

  4. Folks need to figure out what they want from Nicki. first, it was why are you rapping what else can she do? Then, it's why is she singing, bring back the 16 bar spits. Now, she's going in on the verses and people are panning it. Figure out what you want folks, singing Nicki or rapping Nicki.

    I love both and the song is goes ridiculously hard - though some of the lines are repeated from others songs, she's got some MAD clever one-liners in there!

    ANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDD..."massive attack" is stilllll the sh*t!!!

    1. You know I love me some "Massive attack". Shits on ever song on 'Pink Friday' as far as I'm concerned. For it to not even be a bonus track was just... *shakes head*

      The problem with Nicki is that she never seems to be able to find a balance with her own material. Give her a set of bars on somebody else's song and she'll always shut it down. Put her on her own song and she spreads her self thinly. I don't think it's even a case of her stuggling with what people want from her. It's more that she doesn't seem to be able to make up her own damn mind and find a middle ground where she can service the pop fans and also keep the rap fans happy ON HER OWN MATERIAL.

      "Stupid hoe" NEVER should have been a single, because there's nothing single worthy about it. Buzz track, album cut...sure. But not as a fully fledged single, because it's clear from a first listen that this will not be a hit under any circumstances. There's nothing about it for mainstream radio to latch onto.

    2. @Bryan, Personally i am not a Nicki fan AT ALL but there are some amazing tracks she's done that make me think she is capable at making good shit but she doesn't.
      What i personally would want is some proper rapping with proper lyrics not this corny MESS of a song, and she needs to stop dropping a Lil Kim diss every 2 weeks it's over now...
      J is right she needs to find a middle ground.

      Not even bringing this up to be against Nicki but i was listening to stuff from Lil Kim's "HARDCORE", "Notorious K.I.M" and "La Bella Mafia" last night and it's sad how low Hip-Hop has sunk since those days IMO.

    3. i do agree with @J. but @Luke, she'll stop popping off at the mouth about Kim when Kim keeps Nicki name out her mouth. I have love for both Kim and Nicki, but Nicki isn't the one keeping the flame lit, Kim is. Lest one forget who started this crazy mess....

  5. @ThatBoyLuke
    Thank You! I was going to say it myself, but I didn't feel like wasting my time talking to these delusional stans.

  6. the chorus sounds like the chorus of lil' mama's lip gloss song. just realized that lol XD


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