Single art: Madonna - Give me all your luvin'

Madonna - Give me all your luvin' | Single art

Well I'll be damned. Madgina is actually giving us...personality!! And she's kept her legs closed!

I really like this single cover. It's fun, cute and classy. Well, kinda classy. The second shot is horrendous. But the first and third, I can roll with.

It'd be a good look of this was the direction taken for M.D.N.A's album cover artwork. Because I really don't think the world can take another album cover featuring Madgina with her legs spread wider than a gymnast on a set of parallel bars.

I've only heard the leaked version of "Give me all your luvin'" which we all heard back in November and I hated everything about it. So unless the final version goes through a change of "Infinity" to "Give it 2 me" or "The beat goes on" proportions, then I can't envision myself playing the song to death.

I am keen to see what Madgina pulls out for her Superbowl performance of it though. If she's smart, she'll mime to a pre-recorded backing track and ensure her choreoyogaraphy is on point. I wanna see this bitch spin around on the floor and do shit with her legs how she did in the "Hung up" and "Sorry" music videos.

Madgina is pulling out all the stops to ensure this songs' success. So regardless of how much we hate this song, it will still break records, top charts in multiple countries and have Nicki Minaj and M.I.A feel a bit concerned that they'll never be able to catch a hit this big on their own...ever.


  1. The cover is great, way better than i was expecting and if you cut the jumper out it looks like the kind of artwork that would have fitted with "Ray of light".
    The song itself (from the unfinished version) was CRAP to me at first but after a few plays it is catchy and i'm guessing when it's finished it will be much better and with MIA and *sigh* Nicki's parts it'll slay, hopefully after the first single she can drop some more serious stuff though.
    The performance is probably gonna slay, i also love how she's once again playing the media and haters on a string lmao she's a master manipulator.


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