Crystal Kay's promotional video for Unbreakable spirit

Crystal will be headlining the live charity event Unbreakable spirit in April, fresh off the back of her Crystal cafe 2012 tour in March. And coincidentally a promotional video for the event has surfaced today, which just happens to be her birthday. 誕生日おめでとう!

It's a stark contrast in comparison to what we've witnessed in the game locking "Delicious na kinyoubi" video. But equally as striking.

Crystal looks hawt ta DEATH. So much so that I even overlooked how her toes were clawing over the edge of those shoes like talons and that the Unbreakable spirit logo looked like a row of Prince Albert cock piercings.

That dress looks like it cost more than the "Superman" video shoot, and bitch let it fall to pieces. But it's okay. Crystal is hustling to make that money that she wasn't able to make for the past 3 years at Sony. I know Party queen is mad that Crystal is stepping up with her dresses. We all know how Ayu be staying on that big, long and expensive dress game. You all remember that "Microphone" video, right?

The release of this teaser and Crystal being involved in the event is another strike to tally up against everything Delicious deli has done right since Crystal jumped ship from Sony. Now if only people would actually buy her f**king music.

"Delicious na kinyoubi" releases on March 14 and will more than likely be available on iTunes just as "Superman" was. You make sure you buy that shit. Buy 3 of that shit.


  1. CK is doing her damn thing and looking flawless while doing it. I just can't believe she's finally getting the promotion and attention she deserves. I wish I could attend the tour and the charity event.

  2. OMD!!! Is this a trailer for a video for the B side of "DNK" or just for the charity event?!
    Either way this sh*t is TOO flawless (minus the toe overflow which i usually hate but will overlook because CK gave me ALL of that wig video game trailer, wig snatching, high fashion, dress dropping hotness i needed! lol).
    Who'd have thought Delicious Deli would be shitting on Sony?! When she first signed with them i was so worried but they are AMAZING, seriously... If "Delicious ni Kinyoubi" is not in the Oricon top 10 at least Japan can take a collective seat.

  3. @Luke idk if the instrumentation is for her B-side or not, but it would be a pretty good idea for her to feature her B-side in this charity event. It would definitely propel her sales, plus if it is, it sounds beautiful. I was hoping her B-side would be a ballad, and judging by the tittle I think it will be. It's something like storm goddess, or some shit, idk but the tittle reminds me of Utada's arashi no megami.

    Crystal looks great here (disregarding her nasty, long Ciara looking toes). And that dress probably cost more than the whole of her videography, and that's not saying much considering how cheap every last one of them looked, with Flash, Journey, and Delicious na Kinoyoubi being the exceptions.

  4. @MelR, I think if the song is a ballad which i think it is she should extend this ad into a full mv, the look fits with the storm Goddess theme and she looks amazing, not to mention the ad actually looks on the level with stuff Kumi or even Ayu might put out if it was extended.
    Also PLEASE don't mention Ciara's toes lmao >_< I don't think Crystal's are that bad, I think the shoes are just too small for her lol

    P.S Don't forget to ad "Kirakuni" to her list of non cheep looking videos... And "Can't be stopped", "Candy", "Think of you" etc.. they only started looking cheep during the "Crystal Style" era IMO, "Almost 17", "4 Real" and "CK5" vids were good IMO.

  5. @Luke, I'm sorry, but I thought all her vids looked cheap up until recently. Just my opinion though. I couldn't help the opportunity to throw shade at Ciara lmfao. Well this campaign is actually for a short film featuring Crystal. It was shown at cannon cinema during London fashion week on the 19th. I was going to tell J about it, but by the time I found out about it had already been shown.

    If you're interested in finding about the idea behind the campaign check out this website: If you scroll down to where it says February 19th, Fannie Schiavoni (the designer of the dress) there is a brief synopsis of the film.

  6. She better be getting that paper cos gurllll be popping p*ssy in DNK and now she's even getting promotionals.
    I think it works both ways, the more we buy from and popularize her, the more Delicious Deli will raise her budget and music production. Superman's and DNK's are quite dope as far as I am concerned. Therefore, we'll see CK in all kinda shit. Who knows? She may end up doing some long-ass 7-8 min videos. Kinda like the ones which have some story to it. I'd like that.

    Is it the start of a new dawn for our Kuri?

    EVERYONE buy Delicious Na Kinyoubi - March 14.
    Save it in yo' diaries, calendars, BlackBerries, whatever...

    Here's the full version!


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