Music video: Cassie - King of hearts

I'm not sure what Cassie did or which orifice she let Diddy stick it in to get this video out, but it's here. The official OFFICIAL lead single after a string of flop singles from Cassie's oft delayed sophomore album.

I'd make jokes about this trick never getting her sophomore album out and nobody buying it. But we live in a world where Rihanna can have her singles outperform those put out by the vets over 15 years deep in their careers, Ke$ha can have a number 1 hit around the globe with nonsense and Katy Perry can tie with a record set by Michael Jackson. Makes you sick to your stomach doesn't it?

What makes me even sicker is that I actually like this J.Lo reject of a song. And Cassie looks hot in the video. Although I still cannot stand that half shaved mess of a hairstyle. I can't see this single doing much in the States, but the European charts will be all over this.


  1. this new cassie really does it for me - i mean it's no "long way to go" but it's very mainstream for what's going on right now. all my friends who hear it talk about her weak her voice is, given that we already have rih rih rocking the charts. and since there's no way you can escape rihanna, i see this joint going nowhere fast. that makes me sad, but i'll still jam it till the end of days.

  2. The video is hot as fuck as is Cassie but i wasn't that hot on the song at first but after listening to it with headphones on I AM HOOKED lol
    I really hope this does well and her album drops, I'm starting to respect her a bit more because her new stuff sounds pretty unique in the current chart trends.
    Hopefully she can make enough money so she doesn't have to keep letting Diddi suck her youth (and vagina) out.


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