Music video: M.I.A - Bad girls

This video is as fly as f**k. The levels of swaggertry were off the scale.

M.I.A's car bitches at the start gave me everything. I want a bunch of swaggadoscious guerrilla bitches rolling with me everywhere.


  1. Look at this reckless grown ass woman. Imma pull out some wild ass tribal prints this friday and get to it.

    1. Get some friends on that. You can all be my swaggadoscious bitches. All of you.

  2. This is hands down my favorite MV from M.I.A. and possibly of the year thus far. I haven't seen this much swag in a music video in ages.

  3. I agree this is DEFINATELY M.I.A's best video so far and the best vid of the year yet IMO, if this doesn't get nominations for any awards M.I.A will go Tamil on a bitch.

    P.S WHO is paying for this big budget shit? Her billionaire husband?!


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