A teaser of Crystal Kay's "Delicious na kinyoubi" | デリシャスな金曜日

Delicious Deli continue to show CK fans that they are not messing around with a hoe, by releasing an online teaser commercial for her second single "Delicious Friday". The cover arts for this single look a skittle coloured mess. But the video looks like it had a decent budget - even though this shit looks like it was shot on the Liar game 2 set and everybody got styled in UNIQLO. Crystal Kay becoming the new face of UNIQLO Japan wouldn't be a bad idea. Because once our home girl Meisa starts showing, that bitch won't be able to model a damn thing for them. Good luck to her spreading her legs in a pair of skinny fit jeans in 4 months' time.

Witness Crystal look correct in her dress and move dem hips like it ain't a damn thing.

I am sprung and all over this song already. So naturally, I've saved this video to my favourites and already amassed a sickening amount of views of it.

"Delicious na kinyoubi" is written and produced by the same team who handled "Superman", which included Crystal herself; hence why you may be picking up similar vibes from it.

I need a new CK album in my life. And then I want Universal to do CK how Universal are doing Beni and have her drop an album a year to make up for the lost time she spent at Sony.


  1. JEEEHHEEEZZZ from 0.02-0.04 CK got me hook .. neverknow home girl had legs like dat 0.0 Delicious Deli are doing what universal shoulda done years ago, showing of crystal kay from head to toe and booming her vocal. SO HYPE for this single and soon album

    1. Ditto. This song sounds like it's gonna be POPPIN'! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear it in full.

  2. Crystal Looks good. She's finally getting the treatment she deserves. I'm glad the video looks as though it cost more than 20$ to produce, and I hope this single manages to make a dent in the Oricon chart.

  3. Crystal is try'na get it in that dress and those heels in the middle of a bowling alley. I love it.

  4. OHMAHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYS!!! This sounds AMAZING and the vid looks great, they even upped the budget since the "Superman" video :D
    This new team is all kinds of right, I'm looking forward to this album and actually WANT to buy it as apposed to feeling like i should to support her with "Spin the music" (I didn't btw LOL) CK is heading UP!

  5. too excited for this to drop...much like J, i too love this teaser. it has been on repeat nearly all my waking hours. the songs gonna be my jam until at least december!

  6. DISCO CRYSTAL!!!! Immediate love... <3 <3 <3

  7. Now this is how Crystal should have been handled while residing over at Sony. I still wished she would of transferred over to a different label years ago, but better late then never. And a huge nod to the 'one album release a year' idea. I'm all for a new CK album every year. The last album of hers that I purchased was "BEST of CRYSTAL KAY" back in '09 and it's due time that I expanded my CK collection.

  8. Damn crystal, sounds hot!!! Can't wait for this to come out J.


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