Monica and Brandy sweep the hate under a rug and perform "It all belongs to me" on GMA.

Monica & Brandy perform "It all belongs to me" @ GMA | Live performance

I could have done without Monica and Brandy doing another duet, because they were never going to top "The boy is mine". And it doesn't help matters that "It all belongs to me" is neither here nor there. It's not terrible, but it's not memorable either.'s good to see these two back on the grind and this is a good foundation for Brandy who has been off the music promotional circuit for a good while. She needs to get that album out this year whilst people still remember who the hell she is. Monica's New life is already set to flop on the charts.

Monica and Brandy sounded and looked great. I'm still confused as to why after 10 years Brandy still struggles to find a wig which doesn't have her hairline look like burnt gravy on the bottom of a saucepan though.

I really do hope Brandy scraps EVERYTHING she's recorded with Rico Love and Sean Garrett, because the only thing those n***a's can bring to a project is dead weight. Dead weight which has that shit drop down the charts and out of it so fast you wonder if a bitch even put an album out. I've heard Monica's new album and she made a huge mistake cutting Polow da Don, Los Da Maestro and Bryan Michael Cox down to size for the sake of Rico Love. Brandy had better do what's right for her new album, because she's running out of chances. If she doesn't want to end up serving chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes in Sy'rai's high school cafeteria full time, then she needs kick Rico to a curb.


  1. Great singing on Brandy's part, wish I could say the same for Monica. She lip synced the hell out of this performance, and she didn't even do a good job doing that.(it's obvious around 4:51)Also, what the hell was up with her facial expressions and twitchy/ spazy shit she was doing; she looks like she's in pain. I guess her flop album is hitting her hard.

    As for the song, I don't like it. As soon as I heard lines like gimmie that Macbook, and log off your facebook I could no longer take the song seriously. I'm disappointed in Brandy. She better leave this mediocre song on Monica's flop, and come correct with the lead single from her album.

  2. I'm sorry, but both of these bishes choking on their own dust.

    Monica's mistake? Trying to come back all thuggy and hardcore whilst having a reality show featuring her crackhead momma. Or in her words, coming back showcasing the REAL her, when the fake her was doing just fine. Now she's trying to pull a 180 so hard, she's picked right back up where she left off when she was still good, in he 90's. When we thought real music was good. Before the 2000's came and showed us just how crap it was.

    Brandy's mistake? Taking time off to "find herself" and coming back anorexic, with a baby and a ugly husband and them boojie grotesque BeYAWNce knock off lace front weaves when them Moesha Braids were nothing but divine all of the time.

    They need to just bask in and savor that dust they choking on because that dust is from the Momentum they ain't ever getting back.

  3. Wow.

    What a shit song.

    I've always loved Brandy's voice but it's a shame she's even involved with this. If she wants to see any kind of success, this isn't the way to go. Just awful.

    Never been a fan of Monica but she was painful to watch. Lip syncing is bad enough but doing a poor job of even that is a red card.

  4. That's not lip syncing, it's vocal control. I agree that it looks somewhat odd, but it shows Monica's mastery of her voice. This technique was used by Whitney Houston in her prime, and before her passing Whitney even remarked that Monica's vocal tricks in this very song are clearly inspired by her.

    I don't think the song is impressive and I really do hope, as a huge fan of Brandy, that her album will sound a lot fresher than this. It's great to see Brandy back whatever the case though. She really is one of my favourite vocalists.

  5. They're good singers and the duet is listenable (if you happen to accidentally come across it) but there's nothing that makes you WANT to put it on, I cannot believe that that was the best they could do tbh...
    Good vocal performance though and I was *DEAD* at that comment about Brandy's wigs LMFAOOOOO

    @InnerRise #PREACH.COM

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