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I know some fans are probably already talking out of the side of their mouth about these album covers. She looks boring. They just moved the camera up from the Freedom album cover! Why is a bitch wearing flannel in the Summer? What is this Daisy Duke looking ass mess!? But I really like them. I think this is the best album cover Crystal has come with in EVER. I'm all about the CD only version  (on the right). This seems to be a trend with me when it comes to J-releases. I always think the CD only album covers look better.

  1. Forever
  2. Be mine
  3. Take it outside
  4. Yo Yo
  5. Come back to me
  6. What we do
  7. Superman
  8. Memory box
  9. ハルアラシ | Haru arashi
  10. Fly high
  11. デリシャスな金曜日 | Delicious na kinyoubi
  12. Rising sun
  13. ハルアラシ |  Haru arashi  (Kazuhiko Maeda Remix)
  14. Forever (Kazuhiko Maeda Remix)

Would you just kill yo'self if "Come back to me" was a cover of Hikaru Utada's song? It's not even up for debate that Crystal would shit all over it and leave Hikaru's Nintendo DS broken on the floor.

I could have done with the last 2 tracks being all new material just to throw it back to All yours and give me 14 tracks of crack, but I'm just being a picky 'n greedy bastard. I'm not sure why this Kuzuhiko felt that "Haru arashi" needed a remix though. And despite not hearing "Forever" in full as I write this, I'm already mad he f**ked with my Brazilian / Kenyan / The Lion King Summer crack "Forever".

I have more faith in this album than I do religion, because I like everything I've heard from it so far and Crystal seems to be in a really good place right now. There's a sense of freedom, energy and activeness in everything she's done since leaving Sony. As a fan it's sickeningly heart warming to see. It's almost like seeing a whole new Crystal emerge. I've not felt this touched since witnessing Commander Shepard kiss Kaidan and tell him he'd wait for him after he goes handles some business with some aliens in Mass effect 3.

Crystal Kay's 10 studio album Vivid is released on June 27, and you'd better go buy two copies of that shit when it drops because in the words of Missy Elliott from her 1999 thesis "All n my grill" 'A chick's gotta live'. Namie will kill Crystal in sales. But the three and a half songs I've heard from Vivid shit all over the 10 I've heard from Namie's upcoming album.


  1. "But the three and a half songs I've heard from Vivid shit all over the 10 I've heard from Namie's upcoming album."

    Pretty much this. I also prefer the CD only cover and that's the version I plan on purchasing.

  2. I love the CD only cover. I actually really like these covers. She looks gorgeous. I love these covers more than Namie Amuro's 'Uncontrolled' covers tbh.

    1. Just listened to Take It Outside. Not only am I excited for this album, but I'm even more excited for it than Uncontrolled.

  3. Not sure how any male (well, some males) can complain about these covers. DEM legs! DAT mid drift! DAT wavy hair (I likes the wavy hair).

  4. I like the second shot of Crystal, that open mouthed smile gives me life...... and dirty thoughts. I prefer this to the Forever cover, which features her in an awkward pose with her face covered. I kind of feel like it's relevant to the theme of the album. The shot seems very fun and "summer-like".

  5. I am in love with the CD only cover as well. Crystal is looking top shelf superfine. Her energetic smile and beautiful legs are bringing me to life like an Evanescence song. I can basically take my initial excitement for this song and multiply that times 5 which not only makes me want to buy this album the second it releases, but also take J's advice and purchase multiple copies of both albums.

  6. I like them, yes you're right it seems in jpop the cd only covers are better than the cd + dvd edition, but in this case i like the dvd cover better, looks classy.

    Those shots remind me so much of Go Round/Yeah-Oh. I won't buy her album, i'm not a fan of hers, but she's been putting out hot music lately, i wish her luck in june 27th... She's clearly triying to compete with Namie and so do her fans compare her to Amuro... We'll see how good both ladies do.

  7. I actually think these covers fit the concept perfectly and I love the font. I do prefer the CD only version over the CD & DVD one too and I generally find that the case with most J Pop artists. Can't wait for this album to drop, I need to be blasting it in this heat.

  8. Lots of people wear flannel in the summer

  9. I hope Come back to me is a freakin Janet Jackson cover cuz thats one of her idols this gurl needs to get it on this album ! i want everything vocally and musically on this one ! The last album didnt seem like a Ckay album at all ,and was a mess this year is her year to do it big if not then she needs to tell her label to....

  10. Um Crystal NAY cannot touch Utada with even the swing of the tip of her rainbow hair piece. No.

    Crystal can take it outside and keep it outside, because that's what the Japanese are going to do with her Album.

    1. LOL J stans for Utada, and no hoe comes before her, but lets not front, vocally crystal trumps Utada. She has a more powerful voice, better control, and a bigger range. If Crystal covered come back to me, it would definitely shit on Utada's version, she covered utada's deep river once, and I hate to say it, but she sang it better than Utada. That being said, Utada is the ultimate, she may not have the best voice, but she more than makes it up for it with her production, songwriting, vocal arranging, and composing abilities. We all know Crystal could never.


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