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Behold. The purple hazed album covers of Nelly Furtado's fifth studio album The Spirit indestructible. Nelly's put on some (lots of) weight since Mi Plan, so I'm not surprised a head shot was all we got here. It's a boring ass album cover, but Nelly's album covers always are. She looks nice though. Digging the native American look. Liking the revision of the type face on her name too. Didn't think she's ever change that.

Nelly Furtado's worldwide follow up to Loose was scheduled for a June 19 release. But after the realization that Justin Bieber will be dropping his long awaited follow up album on the same day, Nelly has now run her ass back to September. I could live in the vain hope that she'll use this extra time to hit up Danja on Twitter and get him to hook her up with some extra material, but I know she won't. Don't nobody want that n***a's beats any more. Po' Danja.

  1. The spirit indestructible
  2. Big hoops (Bigger the better)
  3. High life (featuring Ace Primo)
  4. Parking lot
  5. Something (featuring Nas)
  6. Bucket list
  7. The most beautiful thing (featuring Sara Tavares)
  8. Waiting for the night
  9. Miracles
  10. Circles
  11. Enemy
  12. Believers
Deluxe edition tracks
  • Hold up
  • End of the world
  • Don't leave me
  • Be OK (featuring Dylan Murray)
  • Thoughts (featuring The Kenyan Boys Choir)
  • Thoughts (Tiesto Remix)

I want to look forward to this album, because I dig Nelly Furtado and I've been waiting SO long for her to follow up Loose (an album which does not get enough credit for the sound craze it started and the way it paved for a lot of female artists at the time). But knowing that Rodney Jerkins has produced the bulk of it is leaving me worried, because this man's sound has been falling off for the past 9 years and is sounding hella stale save for the odd gem here and there. He's gone from having a clearly distinguishable sound, to just ripping people off. "Big hoops (Bigger the better)" could not sound any more Timbaland-like if it tried. I'm surprised a n***a didn't throw some ♪ Rickiit rickitt ♪ on the top and just call it a day.

I hope Rodney Jerkins had one of his genius moments with this album. I really do. Because I want this album to be great. But Rodney's left too many pieces of shit in his wake for me to have any faith.

Does anybody even know what the hell "Big hoops (Bigger the better)" is about? I thought it was about earrings. Listened to it last week and figured perhaps it's about Kid 'n Play's House party.  Then I listened to it a minute ago and now I think its about c**k rings and sex parties.


  1. I tried to figure it out what "Big Hoops" was about too. I too originally thought about earrings, then I saw the video and that completely threw me off with the hoop dancers, Native American lady, and stilt power walk. The only thing that I could deduce from the whole thing is that she was incorporating some tribal/Native American sounds into her music, which goes well with her album being called "The Spirit Indestructible".

    The song sets itself up well to be a club banger about having a good time and looking fly in big hoops, but the direction of the video has me completely thrown off as to what the song means now. I just hope that this album is a success because Nelly Furtado was the first female artist that I followed well before my beloved Crystal Kay. I have loved everything the woman has done musically, and I am excited to see where she will go next with this album. I am mad about this September release. I was expecting to jam to this album all summer. Now I have to relegate this album to being on rotation on my way to work and on the weekends. Rodney hopefully had a moment of clarity and treated Nelly right with this album.

    I see what J means about biting off of Timberland because he is known for using culturally unique beats and instruments in his songs. Instead of taking them from the people of India, he decided to take them from Native Americans which is kind of funny when you think about it. Here's hoping that the pushed back release will equal more success.

  2. Nelly is a bad bxtch and I just think that since all her other albums have been on point that she isn't gonna suddenly drop the ball with this one.
    "Big hoops" is still a TUNE to me but I'm glad that the album has been pushed back a bit, Maybe another single before it drops will help to consolidate more success.
    Also I like the album covers but I feel like they're missing something, I know Nelly has put a few lbs on but she still looks hot IMO.


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