Behind the scenes of Nelly Furtado's "Big hoops (Bigger the better)"

Nelly Furtado is taking the viral approach with The spirit indestructible. Bitch ain't slowing her role with the YouTube uploads for a damn second. It makes utter sense, as working the social networks is the new-new way of promoting. Errrbody's doing it. Plus, Interscope hate paying money for anything which could actually help their artists sell. That label is stingy as hell.

My n***a Chris needs to jump on a remix with that ♪ My hoops, my hoops, ow ow! ♪ That's my message tone right there.

We don't get to see a great deal of the video, but you see enough. Enough to know that "Big hoops" will be your standard Nelly Furtado fare and that shit is gonna be big, bold and colourful for the upcoming Summer banger. It's nice to see a behind the scenes with an artist who has something to say, a personality and seems cool. Unlike try hard, ragged hoes like Forehead Fenty.

Nelly's got some meat on her too. I guess she won't be pulling that Loose pose with the tank top and the midriff out on this new album.


  1. YES! this song is hot as fxck! Glad Nelly hasn't sold out to dance and is bringing urban back, this and Brandy's "Put it down" need to be hits! Can't wait to have NELLegend back on the radiooooo :D


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