Music video: Rihanna - Where have you been

"Disturbia" in Africa. That's what this shit was. It was great to see a video from Dave Meyers. It feels like ages since I saw a video from him. It was very Anthony Mandler with all of the chronic camera movements and image ghosting. But the cinematography was hella tight - just what you'd expect from a Dave Meyers video.

After several music videos of looking a street walking, herion addicted mess, it was nice to see Forehead Fenty looking done up. She looked hot to death. The Forehead needs to stay with that black frizzy wig, because she had me feeling thangs in my loins with that look.

The Forehead still can't dance to save her career 5 years from now, but at least she tried. It's a bit of a shame the choreography got stale so quickly, because she was gettin' it with the n***a's in the desert. And for the moves during the break down to be reduced to shitty whines and vaginal pats was a complete let down.

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  1. Okay, so when I thought I read you say: "But the CHOREOGRAPHY was hella tight - just what you'd expect from a Dave Meyers video."

    I was really about to induct Rihanna into the fake illuminati my own darn self. Because that MUST BE what they are waiting for. For somebody to believe that wench's feet can navigate. From the moment her knee bent, she was doomed.

    That choreography. THAT CHOREOGRAPHY right there. THAT was what Kate Gosselin did on "Dancing With The Stars" during her bathroom breaks. Mmmkay? Yes Ma'am. Thank You.

  2. The..uh.. I'm not sure what to call it because calling it dancing would be a disgrace to the art of dance. She should stick to wining her shit. All I saw through out this video was jumping, arm flailing, and pussy patting. It seemed as though different effects were used throughout the video to mask Rihanna's inability to dance. Honestly, her "moves" in the desert reminded me of an ostrich flapping its wings or something. Also, wth was that during the Dance break?? it looked like she was showing us how she washes her pussy.


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