Perfume and their song "Point" get pimped in another commercial of canned piss

If you were planning to drop by Shaniqua's on the way home to get those new tracks put in, don't bother. Perfume are back. They don't really want wigs. They just take them because they can.

Kirin are once again pimping the robohoes' continually soaring popularity (which is quickly reaching beyond the shores of Japan) to boost sales of their piss in a can. The song this time around is "Point", which sounds plain and generic by Perfume and Yasutaka's standards. But after "Glitter", the only way was down. It is rather nice to hear that their sound has switched up beyond the normal chip tune inspired club bangers. I just hope this drum & bass tinged song doesn't swamp into a dubstep breakdown. Although I bet Yasutaka would trick the f**k out of it, if it were to. Now I'm kinda hoping that it does. Because Yasutaka's wub-wub would surely be the best wub-wub in the world.

There are currently 2 versions of the video. I'm assuming the one with the balloons is for a sugar free / diet variation of the Kirin canned piss. Both videos feature the same song and have the girls looking done to robohoe perfection in 70's inspired micro dresses and Bewitched style did hair. Only A-chan would get excited about a carbonate soda drink being poured into a glass. I think the girl is brain dead. But her dancing is on point and I still love her.

I want this new album. I hope they throw the single version of "Glitter" on it as a bonus track. In fact, I could go for an EP of just "Glitter" and nothing else. That song won't get old. It doesn't know how to.

Kashiyuka is coming for Nocchi. A bitch had better take two steps forward or tell a chick to fall back.

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  1. LOL have you ever tasted Kirin? Anyway the girls are just looking better and better atm and I love it :D
    Not too fussed on the song at all though tbh... I hope it isn't on the new album although it probably will be.
    My copy of "JPN" should be arriving this coming week, I can't WAIT :D

  2. I'm not liking the cutesy shit I'm hearing.

    I feel like Nakata is bleeding some Pamyu on Perfume on accident when he should be properly compartmentalizing.

    I want some edge and game.

  3. Random J, you are hilarious. The title's of your posts alone make me laugh.

  4. Need this song


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