Single review: Brandy featuring Chris Brown - Put it down

Brandy featuring Chris Brown - Put it down | Single review

"Put it down" is a generic piece of shit. Now, before the haters come out of the woodwork to call me everything derogatory under the sun, know this. Brandy is one of my favourite artists. I've stuck with this broad through the (few) hits and the consecutive flops. But I can't support this nonsense single of hers. This is not what I waited three and a half years for. I didn't need an amazing single from Brandy. I just needed a good song to instill something in me that Brandy is going to deliver an album I can cherish and play until my iPod claps out and Brandy realizes she can't be leaving the house without a wig with bangs. "Put it down" does not cut it. It doesn't even dent it.

Brandy's music in general has never come across as desperate. But this is what "Put it down" stinks of. Desperation. Working with Bangladesh because he's the go to guy for a club banger. Putting Chris Brown on a track because he's popular again and it'd get everybody talking. And singing a song about wanting dick. I would have taken her working with Max Martin and going euro dance over this contrived slobber. At least it would have been unexpected and different for Brandy. And you know Max would not have fallen off with the production and the hook. Lawd knows Max Martin needs other broads other than Kelly Clarkson and P!nk to channel his pop anthems with vocals. VOCALS!

I can't wait to see Brandy sell the rest of her soul for the music video and attempt to do sexy in a club with a dance routine. She tried to do choreographed sexy with "Afrodisiac" and I'm not trying to remember how that turned out. I'd rather watch The Phantom menace. The song being hot would override all of this. But the song being so terrible doesn't do much for Brandy's case...coming off as desperate.

Sean Garrett had claimed that the songs he'd cut with Brandy could not work with anybody but her. He's a f**king liar. Any broad in the game could sing this song. "Put it down" is in no way shape or form exclusive to Brandy. No other chick in the game could do "Who is she 2 U" how Brandy did that song. No other chick in the game could do "Angel in digsuise" how Brandy did it. But slap the lyrics of "Put it down" on a sheet of A4 on front of somebody and stick a microphone in their face and they could sing this song and pull it off no worse or no better. The irony in what Sean Garrett says is that this song absolutely wreaks of him. I listen to this song and I can hear his voice singing it note for note, layer for layer. It's him down to the ground. And when Chris Brown starts singing you realize that he also could carry of this song as good if not better than Brandy on his own. It'd certainly suit him more than it does her. Brandy doesn't matter on this song because it doesn't feel like it's hers. And if there's one thing about Brandy's music, it's that she's always owned every song to the point where you could not imagine anybody else on it but her. So as a fan, I feel disheartened that she went along with this shit and felt this is what she had to resort to.

Bangladesh's productions are sparse to say the least, but his beats always go hard. So why "Put it down" sounds like some unmixed demo with no kick and no punch is beyond me. Bangladesh shoulda put it on Brandy how Chris Brown put it on Rihanna's face. Maybe then we would have had something to dance and step it out to. But as this song is, it sounds unfinished. It sounds utterly lacking. I'd snap fingers to this in the club, but there's not a great deal to this song, if anything. For Brandy to go from classic club bangers like "I wanna be down", "Happy" and "Afrodisiac" to this kills a part of me. And it leaves me concerned that this new album of hers is going to sound outdated, drab and not up to par with what Brandy should be putting out; because Rico "Turn the lights on and turn the music off" Love and Sean "Hear a smash on the radio, bet yo' ass I didn't pen it" Garrett are giving her their regressive take on what they think is progressive R&B and Brandy seems happy to go along with it.

Bangladesh served up a shitty beat and Chris Brown brings nothing to the song what-so-ever. I find it difficult taking him seriously as any form of sex symbol when he sounds like a pre-pubescent scoundrel. And for Brandy to be singing a song to a wife beating child about how she wants his penis is disturbing. Home girl has a child and is old enough to be Chris Brown's aunty. She needs to go have a talk with her n***a Willie.

"Put it down" is a terrible song. It's worse coming from Brandy because she is so much better than this. But regardless of who would've gotten this song, it would have been a shitastic mess, because the song itself is just plain rubbish.. I'm concerned that Brandy may be losing her musical touch, because many of the demos which had surfaced post Human recordings sounded lacklustre and sounded as though Brandy was channelling those involved with writing and producing the song instead than just doing her. Before it was Stargate and Ne-Yo. Now it's Sean Garrett and Rico Love. I feel as though Brandy is being suppressed and lacks so much confidence in going with her gut after her past two albums under performing, that she's just now become willing to let others steer the Brandy vessel, even if it's heading in the wrong direction.

I am disappoint. Ke$ha's "Sleazy" shits all over this song, just to give you a greater idea of how bad this song really is.

Rating: 1 out of 10


  1. I agree with you, J. This song is absolutely dreadful. I tried to listen to it once, and didn't even get through to Chris Brown's verse. The sample is just horrible, and the beat doesn't go anywhere. I just got through listening to Full Moon yesterday, and this... what the hell is Brandy doing?

    I'll admit, Brandy owned "It All Belongs To Me," but I don't know if that's much to brag about. The last time a Brandy song hit me was when I heard her rendition of Amanda Ghost's "Fear of Flying." That was two years ago.

    Since then (and after all of her setbacks in actually releasing any decent and new material, despite her reality show that was meant to convey the point she was coming back with a vengeance), I've given up on hoping Brandy would be hot again. She doesn't know what she wants as an artist, and this becomes apparent when you hear her jocking every writer's style who she works with and lambasting Darkchild in public for 'not giving her a hit' on Human or whatever nonsense.

    1. I my anticipation of her new album plummeted the second I heard she was working with Rico Love and Sean Garrett on it. And I flat out gave up on it once I heard this.

      I'mma play Afrodisiac all day to cleanse myself of this bullshit single.

  2. I was waiting for your review of this, and everything you said is pretty much how I feel. I was legit disappointed when I listened to the song. As Fredrick said, the sample is AWFUL. I knew the song was going to be dreadful when I heard Chris Brown and Sean Garret we're going to be attached to this song; Everything they touch turns to shit. Once the song began the nails were hammered into the coffin. The production is generic and the voice repeating I'ma put it down is f*cking annoying. The song goes no where. Ugh it's trash! I really wanted a solid album from her! Like badly! Afrodisiac was Amazing, and despite Human's flaws I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Ugh whatever.

  3. She looks so ugly in that cover...


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