Angela Aki IMAGE CHANGE!! for Blue

Angela Aki's tasty new IMAGE CHANGE!! for 'Blue' | Promo

Angela's image for this era is looking tasty. Giving birth to her child has probably done all that shit mother's always say happen when they drop their child. 'New lease on life'. 'Never felt more free'. 'So comfortable with my body now'. And all that shit. She looks great though. Angela's image has never been this fun, colourful and sexy. From Home right up until White, we got the same ol' shit. Angela standing looking washed out in white and beige with a piano or a guitar in the vicinity. Looking questionably like a lesbian. This image shift is a welcomed one. Not just because it's different for her, but because she looks hawt. Angela's giving us patent belts, shoulder and nail polish. Angela has never given us patent belts, shoulder and nail polish before!

I'm eager to see what the music videos for Blue look like. She might actually drop some choreography, work some heels and whip her hair back and fo'th. Namie had better sleep with one eye open. Angela above >>> Namie in the "Only you" video. I won't even take it to how Angela would sing the shit out of that song too.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Angela whipping her wig, pussy popping and high heels? I just can't picture that, you're rigth, i'm used to see her as the lesbian or tomboy in her covers... but she's way too talented to be like that *_*

    She looks younger in that picture, nice dress also :P

  2. You know what's funny? That's the first thing I thought when I saw this image change. I was like oh shit? is Angela gonna whip some weave and come from all wigs on every front, not just piano playing ones. A part of me really wants Angela to shoot a pv with her pussy popping in heels while she weave thrashes in a Library while books and sheets of paper fall around her. Realistically though, the most we can hope for is Angela goes yo-yo ma while she plays the piano.


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