The Forehead looks a complete mess. Shows some titty.

The Forehead looks a complete mess | Image by Getty

All of those style icon, fashionista titles that this woman has been thrown recently, need to be snatched away  like Maki Goto's wigs. Because ever since Rated R, this girl has been looking like trash on the streets on a daily basis. She must have gotten dressed in the morning with the blinds closed, her shades on and Chris Brown pinning one arm behind her back. Those are the only excuses I can think of for her walking out in a see-through brassiere, a pleated skirt, Chuck Taylors, ghetto press ons and a lop-sided wig; like a chola going to her crack pushing baby father's high school prom.

Girls I know wouldn't even wear that shit to bed, let alone the streets. Even Madonna at her 80's armpit drying in the women's urinals skankiest wouldn't be caught dead in that shit.

Namie Amuro does not approve of this look. She detests it. ♪ Bay-june pii-pull don't sink hard!! ♪


  1. I hope it's just the pull of that top (bra?) doing that unfortunate thing to her.

  2. I swear, it's like no one has expectations for this bitch in anything she does!

  3. LOL she looks like some ghetto Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) wannabe... get a grip Rihanna.


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