Music video: JoKwon - I'm da one

JoKwoncé Knowles has been waiting for this moment for years, so its great to finally see him shine in his own music video. I was worried we'd get something serious void of JoKwon's charm. But I think we got something which showcased him really well. Well...his charm and his colourful character, not so much his singing talent. Despite JoKwon having such a good voice which has no room to get flexed on a bog standard pop record, that boy loves him some throw away pop, so it's no surprise he went with this shit.

This video was tame for him. But to expect JoKwonce to pussy pop and booty shake in his debut music video was perhaps asking too much. But I definitely could have done with some of this though. JoKwoncé only truly comes to life when his p***y is popping and his booty is moving at black girl speeds.


  1. I don't know why I expected this to make sense at five am... I couldn't tell if he was selling me his cuteness or that bottle of red drink, but I am sold either way.


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