Music video: Namie Amuro - In the spotlight (Tokyo)

I do not get this woman. She sings a song about 'moving like a movie' and 'loving like a gas leak' and she turns shit out with the moves and gives us sexy swag and miserable swag. But for a video to a song about how she going 'orr in tonight' and 'dancing di spotlight' she stands in the middle of a road crossing, sits in a car looking fed up and just fist pumps in a gold fishscaled bra. It's like Checkmate! all over again. It's frustrating, because we've seen from "Naked" and "Yeah-oh" that Namie can give us moves and swag, albeit level 99 miserable.

The visuals in the video looked great. I loved the vibrancy of the colours, the shots of Tokyo, the time-lapsing and the Ridge racer / AKIRA style shots of Namie's tail lights streaking as she hits dat nitro in the car. But they weren't enough to distract from the fact that it all should have been inter-cut with Namie giving us a dance routine. You are singing about dancing in a crub, yet you don't even hit da crub in the video let alone dance in it.

I wonder why Namie even bothered to turn up to the set, when she was barely the focal point of this video.


  1. I think the video is suppoused to be about Tokyo and Japan rather than Namie Amuro herself. I remember reading online that Namie Amuro wants to help develop the Japanese music industry and make it more global. I think this video is suppoused to show that Japan can party too and that Tokyo has a nightlife. The song in English means Namie is trying to reach a more global audience to promote Tokyo as an entertainment capital.

    1. She could still do all of that AND dance! It's her music video after all.


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