Music video: Namie Amuro - Let's go

If you were to ask Namie why she doesn't dance to crub bangers in her music videos these days. She'd tell you "EFF YOU, PAY MAY!" Bitch ain't giving up the 2-step unless you've paid for a ticket to watch her do it. Namie will compromise those live vocals and have her n***a pump up the volume on that backing track to give you a routine live on stage. But she'll be damned if she's going to give you anything hot in a consistent string of music videos. We got "Naked" and "Yeah-oh" and we were  lucky to get those.

Despite the lack of dancing, I didn't hate this video or felt it was absolutely lacking without it. Purely because Namie looked so hot. Namie didn't give us a hot dance routine, but she did give us miserable sex appeal, some swag and energy. Namie was working back and waist. She wasn't working it much. But she was working it enough for me to consider buying this damn album of hers.

The only thing I didn't like about the video were the lyrics popping up on screen in nasty fonts. Other than that, I really liked this. Namie's throwing it back to Style with all the waist she's showing.


  1. Girl needs to know, if you don't want your career to end up like Ayumi's; DANCE.

    Honestly, it's the one thing she's known for.

  2. Video was very repetitive but the song was actually quite enjoyable. One of the few good songs from this damned "pop" era of hers.

  3. Dammit. The second I sign off on hearing this album, she goes an' release a video with a monster song like that. I need to hear that song in HQ or at least CDQ. :D

  4. It's a nice video, nothing I'd actively watch again though... she's been so far gone with her videos for a while tbh...
    She does look really hot though, loving the new hair colour and the fringe and that outfit is amazing.

    P.S @David Don't worry about Ayu, touring is were the moneys at... she tweeted a pic of her house the other day... I wanna live with her :(

    1. Jesus Christ, I saw it.

      Infinity pool and everything.

      Her roof looks like it needs some repair though.


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