Music video: Rye Rye - Dance

THIS is the Rye Rye I ride for. Not that Vengaboys biting, conformist trick in "Boom boom". This video had zero budget. But what it lacked in dollar it made up for in energy, swag and skank krumpnicity. Those hoes were GETTIN' it in that arcade and that back room. So much booty moving at high speeds. I caught whiplash in my neck just trying to keep my eyes on 'em! I'm about to call Churchill and put in a claim for this shit.

Shout outs to the chick in the bikini with the hula hoop keeping it freak nasty. Because that Indian chick in the sari was NOT bringin' it. I won't hate on Far east movement's appearance, because Kev Nish has swag. His music is f**king terrible and the rest of those dudes be looking like dead weight to me. But he has swag.

I really want Rye Rye to release "Drop", just to make Ciara sweat a little. Pun not intended.


  1. What was that Kelis Nicki thing at the end?

    I'm trying for the life of me to find the song it revisits.

  2. Narculus_Rojojo19 June 2012 at 01:47

    shes a dirty flop trying to rip off my flawless plastic man-made queen Niki Minaj. Me, Pepsi and my legion of diluted fans aren't going to stand for this. I will do anything and everything to make sure this rye rye B!tch has her wig snatched in the most gruesome way possible.


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