Namie previews "Hot girl". The embargo on dancing continues.

By the time I post this, the full length video will probably leak on some random ass Chinese video hosting website. But here goes. Previews to a bunch of Namiserable's music videos. Including one of which is "Hot girls", shots of which one of Namie's social media monkeys had posted online a month back.

The queen of hip pop is hungry for yo' yen.

There will be no dancing. I'm hitting you with this news now so you are not disappointed when the full video drops and you wonder why the hell Namiserable chose to stand at the end of a catwalk with a microphone and mime, whilst a bunch of white girls pop their vaginas and shake their WiiFit balance board booties behind her. But I may let this slide if Namie gives me swag. And she sure as hell giving me that in the "Hot girls" preview. She put her hand on her head and gave back and waist on that catwalk. And dat microphone. Solid gold and attached to her wrist via a handcuff. N***a please kneel and worship the miserable swagger.


  1. The full song though, she went all Kumi on that shit.
    There is sex moaning and everything; though it's probably just some crack whore they found on the street because Namie is too classy to moan into a microphone.

    At least that's what I like to think.

    1. Well then you haven't read the translation for the want me want me lyrics. That song is straight filth, but I love it.

    2. Namie has definitely gone full filth before. Want Me Want Me is just one of the examples.


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